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Istanbul Biblical Tour

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1 Day

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* This is the walking tour since all the attractions are located within the walking distance. 



Tour Plan

Christianity found an early foothold in Turkey. Many of the Apostles and several Saints were born in Anatolia (Asia Minor), and the Apostle John is said to have taken the Mother Mary to a region in Western Turkey where she spend her last days.


Istanbul (then Constantinople) became at the capitol of the Byzantine Empire. The city was conquered by crusaders and finally by the Ottomans in 1453.


Under the Ottoman Empire, churches were converted into Mosques and the Christian population became a minority. The percentage of Christians would continue to fall, and a number of atrocities, mass migrations, and political circumstance have reduced the community to under 1% of the population today.


Your guide will meet you  at Port or at your hotel in the Sultanahmet and taksim area . Please be aware that if tour starts from İstanbul port we will arrange – Private transportation with A/C non- smoking vehicle and Private driver also.


Then you will start visiting the sights below;


Hagia Sophia:

The Church of Holy Wisdom was the largest church in the Christian world for a thousand years undoubtedly one of the greatest architectural creations in the world, was used as a mosque during Ottomans and now serves as a museum.


Byzantine Hippodrome:

The center for entertainment, amusement and sports in the city during the Roman and Byzantine Empires. The Egyptian Obelisk, the serpentine column and the German fountain of Willhelm II are sites to be visited.


Topkapi Palace:

Topkapi Palace is certainly the most important historical site to be visited in Istanbul. It is one of the most frequently visited museums of Europe and is the most visited one in Turkey. The former imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans and the oldest and the largest remaining palaces in the world. Today, it is used as a museum to exhibit works of art and many priceless artifacts. The harem section is extra fee to visit.


The Church of Chora:

Later, you will see the Church of Chora (fourth century), which was restored by the American Byzantine Institute and houses remarkable mosaics and frescoes depicting the lives of Mary and Jesus.

Notes (Better to know before your trip)